Barbie dolls & funny videos – Try not to laugh video

Watch one of the funniest videos for kids on Funny Clown Videos! Try not to laugh watching this new family funny kids’ video. Ilya the Clown is playing with a Barbie doll, toy gun and cute Baby Born doll. Find more Funny Clown Videos here

Смотри новое видео для детей от #FunnyClownVideos! Лучшее смешное видео для детей – клоун Илья, игрушечная пушка и море игрушек! Смотри больше видео про клоунов здесь

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Come watch funny videos for children with clowns and cars. Subscribe to our Funny Clown Videos channel and watch new episodes every day. Laugh with Clown Andrew! Laugh with Clown Dima! Let’s laugh and play together!

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