1. There was no more complete jazz musician than Chet when he first appeared on the scene – They called him the Male Elizabeth Taylor – he was so handsome. He played by ear. I think the jury is still out regarding drugs and art. The combination produced too much greatness for us not to stop and wonder. I've known too many artists who confessed to doing their best work while drugged (especially on alcohol) for me to pass judgement. Chet was the greatest, but he died violently as he lived.

  2. If you like the music of today and have never heard of Chet Baker, buy or rent or find out when the documentary on this true "genius" of the music world is and was. The documentary is so terrific and also very funny and gets into this man's head with such great film clips and live performances.You will want to own it, so go to Google and order it.

  3. @Canaanalbright You never co-exist with a drug, it takes the starring role, eventually , out of spite, murdering you, as the jealousy that existed the moment you met, takes it revenge by removing what's left.

  4. In past 7 months I heard this amazingly touching performance more than 50 times and never enough CHET BAKERs tragic life imbedded into. Hearing more he becomes my favorite, not so funny but sad Valentine. Amazing and old style Jazz in its best.

  5. My God, I miss this man and his music. You people listening to Kenny G, thinking you are listening to jazz, need another think – THIS is jazz at its finest. This is what jazz really IS.

  6. Weak?….impaired?….foolishness¡¡¡. He was simply an outstanding performer, maybe one of the best ever. Just listen. in any case unfortunately this performance in not complete.

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