1. "I'm singing! I'm in a store and I'm singing! I'm in a store, AND I'M SINGING!!!!!!!!!
    Hey!!!! There's no singing in the North Pole!
    Yes there is!
    No there's not!
    We sing all the time!
    No there's not!
    Especially when we make toys. (*turns to the girl elf*) See?"
    (One of the funniest parts of the movie in my opinion. Like and reply if you agree.)

  2. 1: 36 amazing
    Elf: I’m singing I’m in a store and I am singing I’m in a store and I’m singing
    Manger: hey no singing in the North Pole
    Elf: yes there is
    Manger:no there’s not
    Elf: specials we make toys!!!

  3. If I lived in New York City 🌃, I really would love to celebrate 🎊 Christmas 🎄 there such as: ice skating ⛸, eating spaghetti 🍝 for breakfast 🥞, snow angels, walking in Central Park, meeting Father Christmas, cookie dough, spaghetti for dinner and music:)

  4. The day when it was christmas I was taking a shower and I was singing and my friend Tim came in my bathroom singing with me and I saw him and I said to him get out don't look at me get out

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