Funny and Cute Dogs And Cats Videos 2019 #15 – FunnyAnimals

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  2. I could watch videos like that all day..🐾💓🐾💓🐾💓🐾💓🐾💓
    What a perfect way to end my night.THANKS FOR THE SMILES.
    Time to go to bed..I HAVE A FULL SIZE MATTRESS AND BOTH MY PITBULLS SLEEP WITH lays in front of me watching the bedroom door n my other one lays against by back watching the bedroom window. Talk about being squished..n they dont move over n inch except when they hear something one jumps & sits right in front of door & the other one jumps over me off the bed n guards my 1 yr old sons crib..BEING A SINGLE MOM THAT MAKES ME FEEL SO SAFE..N MAKES ME VERY PROUD OF THEM BOTH!

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