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Clayton Kershaw (feat. Evan Coles) by David Amber
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  1. bloodhounds are pretty smart they drool a lot and wash their ears all day before you get one you need to know about a bloodhound before getting one
    step 1:clean up the house so the dog can walk in big spaces
    step 2:wash their ears
    step 3:do not overfeed cause they eat a lot
    step 4:needs to be on a leash cause runs around anywhere
    step5:bathe them but not every single day and not everyday
    step 6:this is a large breed
    this dog is a messy dog breed so make sure you clean up all day bloodhounds are good dogs and born to run get flea and tick cause they can get fleas and ticks before adopting one they are helpful and smart dogs bloodhounds use their nose on everything these dogs sometimes are outside dogs cause they like chasing and running outside play with them all day cause they could break anything before getting one if you get a bloodhound you really need to know cause if you get one it may start being messy bloodhounds are super smart and super silly and super drooly if you clean their mess and wash their ears and coat you need to know about this
    the bloodhound has a coat but is double the grooming is super easy cause the short fur really doesn't care the grooming will be hard cause large sized dog breeds may run away so this dog breed can be sleep but bloodhounds need to be around people cause they could howling and bark at stuff
    potty training:very easy
    health:healthy dog but get them shots sometime
    training:do not train them early cause they training is easy not mouthy not a biter
    family:very very very nice with kids and other adults and older kids

  2. I have two bloodhounds. I love them. Great but also challenging breed. Don't rush off to buy one. They are huge work and do major demolition if you do not spend the time with them. I am with mine (on average) 22/7.

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