Funny Videos Of Funny Animals – Try Not To Laugh Challenge 2016

Try Not to Laugh Challenge – Animal Edition. Funny videos of funny animals all in one compilation of funny animal videos. Contains monkeys, cats, dogs, horses and more.

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  1. Zo ontzettend dier onvriendelijk. Een kameel die cola krijgt!!!! Een aap die met mensen op de foto "mag" poseren….. verder heb ik niet gekeken. Ik kan het respectloze wat nb lol wordt genoemd niet langer aanzien. Als ik zo'n dier zie wat een trucje moet doen zie dan zie ik al het leed wat er aan vooraf is gegaan om tot zoiets te komen. En dat vinden we leuk??? Denk toch eens na! Heb dieren lief en laat ze vrij in de natuur waar ze thuishoren ❤

  2. All babies are so cute!!! Although I am not sure I have ever seen that many baby opossum all together at one time, they are always cute and ready for a show!! Animals of all types and ages are so sweet, so intelligent and comical a great majority of the time!! One day in our future we all live together again as GOD intended for us, all of the animals and us, in joy and harmony, never any to go hungry, to be abused or neglected, again to live side by side with the lions, tigers and bears, the elephants, giraffes, & gazelles, the buffalo and byson too from the tiniest of mice and insects to the grandest of mammals on land and by sea, we will swim in the oceans with the sharks, the orca, the dolphins and whales to the coral, and sponges, and sea anemone to all the fishes there will be! From the deer and elk, to the moose and caribou, the donkeys and the monkeys, the chimps and great apes we will all live with one another in love and harmony and be blessed beyond imagining by the grace of our beloved LORD ABOVE!!! Giving Praises unto him, for all he gives us now and for the more he will give us then!!!
    Our parents leave behind for us when they leave this precious life an inheritance both big and grand, the salt of the earth, the simple humble lives walking in the light of our LORD's love, until we pass from this realm as well, into the arms of our LORD ABOVE, and then be given by the love of our FATHER above, the gift of eternity, of love and immortality, to live in a perfect garden, side by side our father and the family we love, to be with him forever more, never any longer having to just basically endure!! We will inherit the earth a new garden, with GOD our FATHER and us side by side with all of the animals and angels living bright in the light of his everlasting love, giving praises for all HE hath done and does!!!!!

  3. Not bloody funny at all. What si the matter with you lot. EXPLOITATION of animals yet again. I know what i would like to do with you bloody stupid idiots. Camel drinking coke,,,oh yes trick for the tourists. Monkey dressed up performing tricks…you bloody idiots.

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