Instant justice – Self Defense – Happy funny Video – 2015 #4

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Instant justice – Self Defense- Funniest Video

Autodifesa – Video divertente – Funny video

Скорый суд – Самооборона – самая смешная Видео

即時正義 – 自我保護 – 搞笑視頻

العدالة الفورية – دفاع عن النفس – تسلية فيديو

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  1. 4:04 "somebody help him" why are everyone on the idiots side?? he was the one who attacked, just because he is on the bottom on the ground doesn't mean he's some poor victim. Fucking idots.

  2. I think it was funny when the cheap shot black bitch that started to beat the white kid that was wrapped up in his t shirt … this big black bitch starts yelling for the guards once he starts getting his bitch ass served to him. Hilarious and yes, typical.

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