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Funniest Memes Of All Time

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  1. I remember losing virginity to a BOMB ASS girl named, kila. I will never forget the look on my parent's faces when I walked through dat door and getting screamed at and my chest getting punched… Apparently, my girlfriend kila has cameras in her room so, yeah. My parents know my girlfriend's parents. So they contacted mine and that was the predicament I was in.

  2. 9:22 PAUSE IT

    this picture is wrong. out of order. and wrong. the mightmorphing power ranger should be in the front and the Zeo ranger needs to be farther down due to story order. the wild force ranger in the front needs to be the most far outside on the left with the SPD on the far right. the ninja storm ranger needs to be in the middle of the SPD and wild force with the space ranger behind. the Dino charge ranger should be on its left but it was not in the picture (smh) with the turbo ranger on the right.

    learn power rangers e,e

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