*NEW* SEASON 7 BEST PLAYS!! – Fortnite Funny WTF Fails and Daily Best Moments Ep.796

*NEW* SEASON 7 BEST PLAYS!! Hope you enjoy this episode 796 of Fortnite funny moments and funniest wtf best plays of fortnite daily fails highlights in battle royale gameplay.
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  1. It is a bad game for several reasons:

    RNG – everything in the game is based mostly on the roll of the dice. The circle. Your loot. Weapon spread (it's not called bloom and in no game ever has it been called bloom so stop using this term, bloom in gaming has a much different meaning).

    Building mechanic – the only thing that separates it from the rest of this BR genre makes it even worse. Building promotes senseless playstyles that impress people who don't know what they are watching because the builder himself has no idea what he's doing. Picture two equally skilled players fighting each other in Fortnite: who wins? Not the one with the best aim, but the one with more resources to spam (and yes, it's spamming). Cool.

    Terrible server tickrate – everyone seems to forget that this game runs at 20 tickrate at it's best. This should be resoundly ridiculed and laughed at.

    Third person – the perspective matters a lot in shooters, especially PVP shooters. First person forces the game into a battle of choices, careful positioning, risk vs reward. Third person removes all of that, since your eyeballs are not in your player character but inside an invisible floating character that sits 5 feet above and behind you. Don't have to poke your head to see that player rushing you, your camera can! Great game mechanic for campers and gives an enormous defensive advantage to those that randomly get the circle.

    Micro transactions – need I say more?

    Skill – or lack thereof. Most of the skill involved in this game revolves around building and trashing players who should never have ended up in the same queue as you to begin with – mostly mobile and console players and the squad of screechers (10 year olds). Watch the top players compete and you will see the game for what it really is – an incredibly slow paced deathmatch with nothing interesting going for it.

    This game is only popular because it is incredibly casual-minded and because it is free. It caters to a large audience of kids and teenagers. It has hit all the right buttons to be popular, but missed all the buttons to make it a good game.

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