1. Sadhguru: God could be a women
    Mr. Joe: Where it is written, we have writen proof that god is a man.
    Sadhguru: listen, i am just telling you a joke.
    Mr. Joe: because i am catholic, right?

  2. a thought for few great gurus and gods and great good peoples ———— peoples were and are killed and made to killed in many places by the cause the most of the peoples were born from the others women from the very ancient times , even god godesses were and are killed and severals were and are made degraded and rebirthed from others spoiled and other humans akshas ,
    how many times peoples have been killed and rebirthed from the very very ancient times , even many did not have husbands and wifes but also childrens were rebirthed forcefully , like this how many times were made quarrels and were made to die and rebirthed .
    many ladies and many peoples were and are blamed and beaten and punished and were degraded and made bad humans .
    most of the peoples were blood seed humans , were not having husbands and wifes . most of the ladies were blood seed humans and were living like mother and sisters .on the name of population and unwanted peoples and to evacuate or evaculation the lands .
    many quarrels were made and were and are killed and rebirthed and for rebirth of their sisters ,mothers ,brother , childrens and even for husbands even did not had akshas ( wrong methods of births by sex only was conditioned and thoughted ) and were punished and even beaten and even were deshpaeded and were made bad peoples on the blame of stealing akshas from others.
    for killing and rebirths of humans were killed and made souls and degraded and sent under earth and bhutas and lokas ,even the peoples of fater ages were made rapist and bad humans and beaten very badly and sent to hells and made different peoples and punished in many ways , never have and had the escape from the power full peoples and gods .
    even the peoples were made small and filled in the ladies and gents and were filled in ladies ,in the way peoples were born , on the name their populations .
    blood seed humans were peoples were real culprits or having their own fault .

    even the from whome's jeevan sanjeevan very first women was created was also blamed and is being killed many times .

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